A stray dog interrupts the scene to comfort the actor pretending to be injured


“I was very moved. It was like an angel who wanted to help me,” the actor said. The scene took place in Turkey and shows us the love and affection of animals.

This stray dog has given a new example of what true love, affection, and worry are! The little dog appeared in the middle of a play. An actor was supposed to pretend to be injured during a performance, but the four-legged friend thought it was real, so he wanted to comfort him.

The young actor Numan Ertuarul Uzunsoy pretended to be injured and lay down in the street. The audience watched in anticipation of the sequel and followed every move of the actors. It turned out that one spectator, in particular, was very friendly.

The little stray dog had no idea that everything was wrong. “The character I played was injured and in a lot of pain. He fell off a horse and was breathing hard,”the actor said.

The gentle dog then decided to comfort the man. He gave her a few tongues blow all over her face, and then she placed her head on her body.

The dog was finally removed, “the show must continue”, as the saying goes. However, it was clear to everyone who was the real star of the play! We hope that he will find a loving family because this nice dog seems to have a lot of love to offer!

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