A young man takes off his T-shirt and gives it to a stray dog that shivers with cold


A small gesture can make all the difference as this young man showed in a video that went viral.

In the southern hemisphere, it is now winter and last Saturday, Sao Paulo recorded the coldest temperature of the year.

Brothers Fernando Gabriel, 30, and Felipe Paulino, 33, were at the Jabaquara bus station in the city on Saturday afternoon.

At one point, Fernando noticed that his older brother had not followed him. Felipe stood next to a stray dog that was shaking with cold.

Fernando told G1:

“I bought my ticket, I told my brother that the dog was shaking cold and I kept going. But when I looked back I saw my brother face the dog (…) he put his backpack on the floor, took off his coat, then took off his T-shirt, which was his favorite, and dressed the dog with that.”

This was not an exceptional action for the brothers. Together with their parents, they always help stray animals in their hometown of Guaruja.

Felipe stressed that his action was nothing special and told G1:

“It was very cold, I crouched down and started petting him. People looked and did nothing, a woman called me crazy. When we came back, we tried to find him. If he had been here in Guaruja, I would have taken him to a vet and tried to find a loving family. It was a simple gesture that went viral.”

He added that if the T-shirt was his favorite, he looked much better on the dog. “You can’t change everything, but you can change how far your hand can reach.”

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