Illustrator transforms our beloved pets into sublime Disney characters


Who hasn’t cracked up in front of Disney’s touching drawings? Illustrator Isa Bredt has won social media with her drawings. In addition to being sublime, they also allow to highlight animals for adoption, suffering from pathologies or with a disability.

Isa Bredt is only 22 years old but has already made a name for herself on Instagram under the username @pet_disneyfication. She works on animal photos and transforms them into Disney characters.

She started doing this while she was studying art. She is especially “Disneyifier” of famous cats and cats on the Internet. And then little by little she received requests from all over the world.

Today, she has more than 220,000 followers on her Instagram account and makes portraits of pets on demand. What is fantastic is that it works on all types of animals and also highlights animals that are often left out.

The young woman made “Disneyification” of cats, dogs, hedgehogs, pigs, rabbits or squirrels and foxes.

Thanks to his work, Internet users also discover animals with a specific pathology or with a disability.

This allows you to look at these animals in a different light, which are often left out.

She also often shares portraits of shelter animals, looking for a new family.

What a talent and what a great heart! Share these illustrations with your loved ones if you think this illustrator is doing a good job. And don’t hesitate to follow his Instagram account!