For the 35th anniversary of the Mario, Nintendo announces the release of a new Mario Kartgame, allowing to use its environment instead of the usual virtual circuits.

Turning his show into a Mario Kart circuit will soon be possible. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the game Mario Bros. . Nintendo announced in a video event the release of a new mario Kart opus in “mixed reality”, as a fusion of the real and virtual world.

To transform his environment into a circuit, the player must have several numbered gantries on the ground. All he has to do is cross them to define the course of his race. More surprisingly, the “bolide” is also real. The size of an adult hand, the plastic kart in the colors of Mario or his sidekick Luigi is equipped with a camera whose images are transmitted on the player’s screen.

During the game, these images are embellished with virtual elements, starting with opponents or the usual bananas. The actions of the game will have an impact in the real world. Touching a shell will cause the kart to stop while using a fungus will cause it to accelerate.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit will be available for 99 euros on October 16th on Nintendo Switch. In addition to the game, this price includes a miniature kart, four gantries and a USB charging cable. The purchase price of a second kart has not yet been disclosed.

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