Saffron Sea Cassolette


Who says seafood is reserved for holiday meals? I propose a gourmet recipe of seafood with saffron.

Today, an idea of entry for the holidays. This recipe I made, for Christmas. A simple and delicate recipe. You can accompany it with a homemade bun and a small salad of spinach shoots. To your stoves! This dish goes with plain rice and perhaps also baked for a few minutes with a little emmental or county, REGAL YOU!!!

Number of shares: 4. Preparation: 40 min . Cooking: 30 min. Difficulty: medium. Calories: 541 Kcal AD

Follow the recipe and prepare it too, the ingredients are counted on the fingers, they are very few and you may already have them! Try… And Continue Reading In The Next Page.

So here are some explanations:

To make the recipe a success, you need to measure the ingredients and prepare them before starting the recipe. You should also respect the cooking time and temperature, so follow step-by-step the steps described below.

So, for the recipe, you need:


2 lobsters (fresh or frozen; If you choose to use frozen lobsters “much cheaper than fresh ones”, have them thawed directly with their packaging in hotwater for 1 hour”)

– 0.5 litres of mussels

– 24 clams – 0.5 and a half glass of dry white wine

– 3 egg yolks

– 0.5 dose of saffron

– 17 cl of crème fraîche

– 0.5 lemon

– 0.5 bunch of chives

– 0.5 bouquet garni (lece-thym-tail of parsley -celery stalk- bay leaf)

– Salt

– Pepper

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