The horse discovers a big yellow ball in his meadow – he plays with adorable


Dogs love to play, so do a lot of cats. But they’re not the only animals doing it. It is often forgotten, but horses and so-called farm animals also enjoy games.

Horses are magnificent, majestic and much loved animals. They are often used to be mounted, in competitions or to transport things. But basically, the horse is an animal living in freedom, who likes to go about his business and also play!

Have you ever seen a horse play? It’s absolutely adorable. We looked on the internet and watched a lot of videos of horses having fun, especially with a ball.

So we decided to offer you the video below with an adorable little horse who discovers a big yellow balloon in his meadow!

He seems to be having so much fun, he turns around, rushes into him, rolls, throws himself at himself. In short, it seems to have a great time and it’s so heartwarming!

Watch the video below to discover this touching game moment. Horses also love to play and deserve to live happily ever after! Don’t hesitate to share this article if you too like happy animal videos!

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