The parrot understands that he has to go to the vet – and does not fail to react


Pets often instinctively understand that a visit to the veterinarian is approaching. It is as if they have a sixth sense with regard to visits to the vet. And when they feel it, most know how to make themselves very discreet and hide in a nook.

Animals don’t really like veterinary visits, as they are usually sick during their visit and clinics often have plenty of unknown smells and noises.


So few dogs like to go to the vet and they are champions for balking, hiding under the bed, behind the couch. Cats are not left out and some manage to disappear completely by understanding that they have to go to the vet. And judging by the video below, the birds also know how to clearly express their opinion on veterinary visits.

In this video we see an adorable cockatoo named Max, who has just understood that he has to go to the vet. The bird is clearly not satisfied with the situation. While of course we are touched by the reaction of this adorable bird, it’s hard not to laugh when you see him.

Max makes a really fun scene and he clearly asks his owner to understand and cancel the tour. As the man continues to tell him that he has to go in his transport basket, the bird knows that it will not go as he would like, he is visibly outraged!

Watch the video below yourself and if you liked this expressive bird, also share its hilarious behavior with your friends!

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