This photographer captures the moment when a squirrel smells


Squirrels are animals that many love to see frolicking and jumping from branch to branch. Dutch photographer Dick van Duijn managed to take a picture of the precise moment when a small squirrel was smelling a yellow flower.

The sweet scene was photographed in Vienna. The animal smelled like flowers surely to know which one would taste best.

According to Fox, the 34-year-old photographer said he was very happy to take such a photo. It took about two hours and 200 working photos to capture this moment.

In the photos, the squirrel can be seen approaching a yellow flower larger than him. He leans her towards her face. He closes his eyes and seems to breathe his perfume. A little later, the rodent took a tasty bite of the flower.

I mainly went to Austria to photograph the squirrels,” said the photographer. “It was great to see that and very satisfying”.

The images have gone viral around the world and several major international media companies, such as Fox and NBC, have talked about them.

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